Leah Brooks, LCSW

Leah Brooks

Leah Brooks, a licensed clinical social worker, started her career in Nevada and is new to the San Diego area.  Coming from non-profit background, she specializes in complex trauma (including human trafficking and survivors of violence), depression, adjustment disorders, addictions, shame, guilt, and anxiety. Having run and managed programs for children, youth, and adults, Leah’s main goal is providing a safe, compassionate, and comfortable environment to heal.  Leah utilizes her experiences to provide evidence-based and research-focused creative modalities to assist you on your path of healing.  Leah is a generalist clinician that has provided short-term, solutions-focused as well as long-term psychotherapy.  Her approach is largely rooted in cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic theories with specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR).  She has treated clients coping with personality disorders, anxiety, various forms of trauma, addictions, intimate partner violence, and stress management.  Leah has experience with various ages, gender identities, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, including extensive work with the poly community and LGBTQ+ community.  Leah has been recognized for her contributions to the field by various organizations, including National Association of Social Workers, and Foundation for Recovery.  Leah believes in a humanistic, client-centered, whole wellness approach that empowers the client to take an active role in their life.  

Leah is an independent contractor for Kirstin Filizetti, PhD. Independent contractors are responsible for the legal and ethical psychotherapy treatment of their own clients while working independently from the other providers in the office.

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